User and Role Management

There are two primary user roles within the system: member and admin, which represent standard users and administrators, respectively. Whether a user is a member or admin is determined by tenant-role association. Users become global administrators of all tenants when they are granted the admin role on any one tenant. Only assign the admin role to those you intend to allow to oversee the entire cloud.  Your default user (listed above) is configured as an admin user.

When you are logged in as a user with administrative privileges, an Admin panel will be visible in the left pane. The Users panel will display the full list of accounts. Several system users (nova, glance, etc.) are created by Metapod, which are necessary for the proper function of your environment. Please do not delete or modify these users.

Creating and Deleting Users

To add a new user, click the Create User button in the upper right portion of the main window and fill out the information for the user. All fields are required.

Users can be disabled or deleted from the Action drop-down menu. Bulk user deletion can be executed by selecting the checkboxes next to each user in question and clicking the Delete Users button near the top of the page.