Installing OpenStack CLI Tools on Mac OSX


  • The OpenStack Command-Line Interface (CLI) tools are supported on Python 2.7, so you must have a Python 2.7 environment installed. While El Capitan comes with Python 2.7, you want to set up your Mac environment so that you can use virtual environments and update easily.
  • On Mac OSX, use brew to install Python, which in turn requires Xcode Command Line Tools. Brew is available from Instructions for proper setup can be found in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python.
  • Install virtualenv with pip install virtualenv. Read more in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python.

Using a virtual environment for the installation

  1. Start Terminal or iTerm in Mac OSX.
  2. After installing virtualenv with pip install virtualenv, create a virtual environment with this command where <name> is the name of the virtual environment:

    $ virtualenv

    For example:

    $ virtualenv openstack-cli

  3. To activate the virtual environment, run the activate script:

    $ .\openstack-cli\bin\activate

Now that the virtual environment is active, your prompt changes to indicate the virtual environment you are currently using:

(openstack-cli) $

Installing the OpenStack client

  1. With the virtual environment active, install the OpenStack client, which in turn installs python-novaclient and the other dependent clients:

    (openstack-cli) $ pip install python-openstackclient

  2. Now that the client is installed, you must provide credentials in the environment in order to run commands. Refer to Providing Metacloud Credentials to CLI Tools to continue.