Pure Storage Driver

Pure Storage is an all-flash storage driver for the Block Storage service. When integrated with Metacloud, Pure Storage employs a single, high-availability FlashArray//m that is easy to maintain and scale. Its flash-based system is capable of processing a high threshold of transactions efficiently and is particularly useful in a tiered-storage configuration in conjunction with Ceph or NFS general storage.

Metacloud is compatible with all Pure devices that support a Pure Storage FlashArray//m volume driver for the Block Storage service. The Pure device must have the Purity API, version 4.0 or higher, installed. Pure Storage is fully supported in the core cinder operations:

  • Create, delete, attach, detach, clone, and extend volumes
  • Create a volume from snapshot
  • Create, list, and delete volume snapshots
  • Create, list, update, and delete consistency groups
  • Create, list, and delete consistency group snapshots
  • Manage volumes and snapshots
  • Retrieve volume statistics
  • Create a thin-provisioned volume

The Pure Storage administrator should only modify objects using the openstack commands and not through the Purity API, because it interferes with the ability of the Block Storage service to manage the FlashArray objects.

The array accommodates a maximum of 500 volumes with Purity API 4.7. If you attempt to create a volume and exceed the limit, the volume create action fails until you eradicate existing volumes from the array. When you delete Pure volumes through the Block Storage service, they are not immediately eradicated; volumes marked for deletion remain in Pure storage for 24 hours before automatic eradication.

The Pure Storage administrator can view Destroyed Volumes on the Storage tab of the Purity dashboard and select volumes from the list. They can choose to Recover a selected volume, if the volume was deleted by mistake, or Eradicate the selected volumes to quickly purge them from the array.

With a Pure Storage device you must fully manage the physical storage device and all of the respective connectivity. The Metacloud Operations team does not support the physical device.