Creating a Snapshot of a Volume

With Metacloud Block Storage, you create a new Image-Volume by cloning a specified volume and then registering it to a new image instead of taking a snapshot of the instance itself. See Using Snapshots to Migrate Instances for more information on using snapshots.

To create snapshot of a volume:

  1. Create an image. You must set disk format raw and container format bare.

      $ openstack image create  --force True --container-format bare --disk-format raw <INSTANCE_VOLUME_ID> <NEW_IMAGE_NAME>

    If the image is set to public in the Image service, the volume data can be shared among tenants.

  2. Upload the image.

    $ openstack image create --volume <VOLUME> <IMAGE_NAME>

You can then launch the instance using the snapshot you created. See Launching an Instance from an Image for more information.