Introduction to Networking

The Networking service, named Neutron, provides an API that lets you define network connectivity and addressing in the cloud. The Networking service enables operators to leverage different networking technologies to power their cloud networking. The Networking service also provides an API to configure and manage a variety of network services ranging from L3 forwarding and NAT to load balancing, edge firewalls, and IPsec VPN.

Metacloud makes certain networking configurations available to you when you buy your cloud.

For a detailed description of the Networking API abstractions and their attributes, see the OpenStack Networking API v2.0 Reference.

When you use the Networking service, you do not use the Compute nova-network service nor the Compute API calls for networking.

Using the Networking API

Networking is a virtual network service that provides a powerful API to define the network connectivity and IP addressing that devices from other services, such as Compute, use.

The Compute API has a virtual server abstraction to describe computing resources. Similarly, the Networking API has virtual network, subnet, and port abstractions to describe networking resources.

Resource Description
Network An isolated L2 segment, analogous to VLAN in the physical networking world.
Subnet A block of v4 or v6 IP addresses and associated configuration state.
Port A connection point for attaching a single device, such as the NIC of a virtual server, to a virtual network. Also describes the associated network configuration, such as the MAC and IP addresses to be used on that port.

Using Networking Resources

To configure rich network topologies, you can create and configure networks and subnets and instruct other Metacloud services like Compute to attach virtual devices to ports on these networks.

Networking supports each project having multiple private networks and enables them to choose their own IP addressing scheme, even if those IP addresses overlap with those that other projects use.

The Networking service:

  • Enables advanced cloud networking use cases, such as building multi-tiered web applications and enabling migration of applications to the cloud without changing IP addresses.

  • Offers flexibility for administrators to customize network offerings.

  • Enables developers to extend the Networking API. Over time, the extended functionality becomes part of the core Networking API.

SSL Support for Networking API

Metacloud Networking supports SSL for the Networking API server.