Metacloud User Guide

The Cisco Metacloud team has completed the initial build and welcomes you to explore your new, private cloud. Your private cloud includes a branded Dashboard and API. Instructions that include a URL, domain, and your user name and password to log in to your Dashboard were provided to you as part of your cloud build. Do not forget to change your password upon logging in for the first time.

As a Metacloud end user, you can provision your own resources within the limits set by cloud administrators using the following methods:

  • Dashboard—Use our web-based graphical interface to view, create, and manage resources.
  • Command-line Client—Use OpenStack and Neutron command-line clients to run simple commands to view, create, and manage resources in a cloud and automate tasks using scripts.

The Metacloud User Guide shows you how to use the Dashboard and the command-line interface (CLI) to configure security, manage resources, launch instances, and more in the following sections:

Who should read this guide?

This user guide is written for anyone who uses virtual machines and cloud resources to develop software or perform research. You should have experience with Linux-based tool sets and be comfortable using both GUI and CLI-based tools. While this guide includes some information about using Python to create and manage cloud resources, Python knowledge is not a pre-requisite.