Configuring the Identity Service

The Metacloud Identity service supports integration with existing LDAP directories for authentication and authorization services. Your LDAP directory contains information about users, groups, and group member lists. Integrating the Metacloud Identity service with LDAP allows you to use users and groups in your LDAP directory with Metacloud.

To use LDAP with Metacloud, your LDAP servers must be initialized and configured to work with the Metacloud Identity service. Open a request with Metacloud Support to configure the Identity service for your Metacloud environment.

The Metacloud Identity service enables you to split authentication with the identity feature and authorization using the assignment feature for users, as follows:

  • Authentication—Uses the identity feature to manage users and groups by domain or the in the Identity service as a whole.
  • Assignment—Manages project role authorization using the Identity service SQL database, while providing authentication using your LDAP directory.

Once you have LDAP integrated with Metacloud, see Managing Users and Roles for more information.