Nimble Storage Driver

Nimble Storage is an adaptive-flash storage driver for the Metacloud Block Storage service. It is also compatible with the Compute and Image services and repositories. When integrated with Metacloud, the Nimble platform dynamically allocates storage resources with a small footprint.

Nimble Storage enables you to provision and deploy your storage, change capacity levels, and create snapshots and clones of storage volumes. Use zero-copy clones to create an image repository and deployment templates without consuming additional capacity. You can also quickly deploy test environments with volume cloning.

Nimble provides integrated data protection using snapshots. You can replicate data in a snapshot from one Nimble array to another for quick data recovery without affecting performance.

A Nimble array supports multiple projects with data separation on a per-project basis using 802.1Q VLAN encapsulation and dedicated storage pools.

With a Nimble storage device you must manage the VLAN encapsulation all connectivity. The Metacloud Operations team does not support the physical device.

Metacloud is compatible with all Nimble devices that support a Nimble adaptive-flash array volume driver for the Block Storage service. The Nimble platform is supported in the following core Block Storage operations:

  • Create, delete, attach, detach, and extend volumes
  • Create, list, and delete volume snapshots
  • Create a volume from a snapshot
  • Copy an image to a volume
  • Copy a volume to an image
  • Clone a volume
  • List volume statistics
  • Manage and unmanage volumes
  • Enable encryption and default performance policy for a volume type using extra-specs

See Setting Quality of Service Specifications for additional settings using the Nimble storage driver.