Upgrading Metacloud Versions

There is a difference between updating and upgrading Metacloud. When Metacloud releases an update, it refers to small feature updates, bug fixes, and fixes for security vulnerabilities to Metacloud components and the underlying operating system. When an update is available, the Metacloud Support team creates a ticket to notify your Metacloud Administrator of a new release and request to schedule a maintenance window.

Upgrading Metacloud means moving to a new stable OpenStack version, for example, upgrading from Metacloud 2014.x (Icehouse) to Metacloud 4.x (Liberty). You must submit a request, including a suitable maintenance window to perform your upgrade, Metacloud Support portal as you would an update. Keep in mind that an upgrade is far more comprehensive than an update. Metacloud Support schedules your upgrade to a new version during a maintenance window that you specify.

Keeping your Metacloud environment up-to-date with the most recent version ensures you have the most stable Metacloud environment with the latest supported features and API commands.

The following changes are available in Metacloud 4.x:

  • Floating IP addresses are now associated with a public network instead of allocated from a pool.
  • Identity API v3.0 is available. Identity v2.0 is still available; you must use the default domain and include all users in the default domain.
  • All user and project commands in the CLI for the Identity service must use the --domain parameter.
  • The following env variables are included in the Liberty openrc.sh file and are required for CLI commands:
    • export OS_PROJECT_DOMAIN_ID=
    • export OS_USER_DOMAIN_ID=

See Metacloud Release Notes for a complete list of new features and updates to Metacloud 4.x.

Updated API Versions

The following API services were upgraded with the Metacloud 4.x (Liberty) release.

API Service Version
Compute v2.1
Identity v3
Volumes/Block Storage v2
Images v2