Using Network Resources

There are three network configurations available: Customer Managed Network, Cisco Managed Network, and Cisco Managed Gateway Network. Both Cisco Managed network configurations let you create and manage network objects using the Neutron Service and the Networking APIs. As of the Metacloud 4.1 release, project members as well as administrators can create and manage network objects.

In Cisco Managed Networks, the Metacloud Support team fully manages your Metacloud Network Platform. A Cisco Managed Network ensures that your Metacloud network and Metacloud environment are managed and monitored by Metacloud Support Team.

In Customer Managed Network, Metacloud customers manage all aspects of the Metacloud Network Platform. The Metacloud team does not manage any aspects of the Metacloud Network Platform but will notify the customer when network issues are detected.

These network resources include networks, subnets, and ports which other Metacloud services can use. Neutron, the networking service, provides an API and command-line interface that lets you define network connectivity including Layer 3 forwarding and Network Address Translation (NAT), and addressing in the cloud. For more information on the Cisco Managed deployment methodologies and use cases, see Supported Networking Use Cases and Limitations.

Cisco Managed Network

Cisco Managed Network

Cisco Managed Gateway Network

Cisco Managed Gateway

Neutron, the networking service, includes the following components:

API server—The Metacloud Neutron Networking API includes support for Layer 2 networking and IP address management (IPAM), as well as an extension for a Layer 3 router construct that enables routing between Layer 2 networks and gateways to external networks.

OpenStack Networking plug-in and agents—Metacloud supports the Cisco ML2 + Linux bridge agent and the Cisco ASR1k plug-in for Layer 3 networking services, if configured.

Messaging—The Metacloud architecture requires a messaging queue to shuttle requests between hardware and services.