Managing Provider Networks

Provider networks, in most cases, are directly associated with a physical network, a virtual LAN (VLAN), in the data center but that is not a requirement. You can provision a provider network using generic routing encapsulation (GRE) or virtual extensible LAN and then map to the physical network using software or hardware gateways. The difference in a tenant network is that tenants are unaware of how their networks are physically defined.

Provider networks rely on the physical network infrastructure to provide default gateway routing services. Neutron routers must attach their upstream interfaces to provider networks designated as external to connect to the physical network.

Provider networks are managed outside of the cloud, but you use the Metacloud Dashboard to define your virtual networks that route to your provider network.

To define networks using the Dashboard:

  1. Log in to the Metacloud Dashboard.
  2. Select Admin, Networks.
  3. The Networks panel displays all the existing networks in the domain you logged into.
    Networks Panel
  4. Click Create Network. The Create Networks dialog box displays. Create Network Dialog
  5. Enter the name of the network, select which project it belongs to, and provide the VLAN ID on the Network tab.
  6. Click the Subnet tab.
    Create Network Dialog
  7. Enter the network address in CIDR format.
  8. Click the Subnet Details tab.
    Create Network Dialog
  9. Set the DHCP range using start_ip,end_ip in the Allocation Pools field. Add one range per line.
  10. Enter DNS servers in the DNS Name Servers field. List one DNS server per line.
  11. Enter additional host routes using destination_network/size,next_hop, in the Host Routes field.
  12. Click Create. The new network displays on the Networks panel.

To define networks using the CLI:

  1. Create a network.

    $ neutron net-create <NETWORK_NAME> --tenant-id <TENANT_ID> \ 
    --provider:network_type    vlan --provider:physical_network <NETWORK_NAME> \ 
    --provider:segmentation_id 1520
  2. Create and define the subnet.

    $ neutron subnet-create --tenant-id <TENANT_ID> \ 
    --gateway <IP_ADDRESS> --ip_version 4 \ 
    --allocation-pool start=,end= \