Configuring the BIOS on UCS Servers and Passwords on Nexus Switches (Step 5)

Ensure the BIOS setting is correct for all servers, factory-shipped configurations are not always the correct configuration. You must configure the BIOS/CIMC setting on the UCS servers for example, enable DHCP, enable and set the VLAN ID to 1000.

Configure the BIOS on UCS Servers

For each UCS node, the USB keyboard, video, and USB mouse can be connected through the front panel of the server using a Cisco-provided dongle.

To configure the BIOS for every UCS server (controllers and compute nodes):

  1. Access the configuration screen by pressing <F8> when you see following screen.
    BIOS screen
  2. Enter the default username and password admin / password. Change the password to Cisco123. Metacloud Support changes this password once remote console connectivity is established.
  3. Confirm the BIOS/CIMC settings are configured as follows:
    • Address set to DHCP
    • Active-active mode
    • VLAN ID enabled and set to VLAN 1000

    Factory-shipped BIOS configurations may not be the correct configuration for your installation.

    BIOS screen

  4. Press <F10> to save.
  5. Press <ESC> to exit the BIOS configuration.

Configure Passwords on Nexus Switches

To enable access your Nexus switches you must provide the Metacloud Support team with the initial admin password you created.

To configure the password:

  1. Connect the Nexus switch console port to a console terminal. You must disconnect the console port to the Octal cable (2901) to make this connection.
  2. Power on the Nexus switch. The boot process steps display on the console terminal.
  3. On the Abort Auto Provisioning and continue with normal setup ?(yes/no)[n]: prompt, enter yes.
  4. During the System Admin Account Setup step respond to the following prompts:
    • Enter yes for the Do you want to enforce secure password standard (yes/no) [y]: prompt.
    • Create an admin password at the Enter the password for "admin": prompt.
    • Confirm the newly created admin password on the next prompt.
  5. During the Basic System Configuration Dialog VDC: 1 process, enter no for the Would you like to enter the basic configuration dialog (yes/no): prompt.
  6. Exit the console. The boot process and admin password set up are now complete.
  7. Send the admin password you created during this process to the Metacloud Support team.
  8. Disconnect the Nexus switch from the terminal console and reconnect the console port to the Octal cable (2901).

Ensure that you send the admin password you created in the procedure above to the Metacloud Support team so that your installation can be completed. The Metacloud Support team will change the password during the installation process.

When you have completed these steps, see Open Network Ports (Step 6) to complete your installation.