Connecting the UCS C220 Control Plane Serevers (Step 4)

Carefully identify and isolate the three control plane servers that were ordered as part of the controller bundle and then connect them as specified below.

Compute and control servers are not interchangeable. It is easy to confuse compute and control servers since they may be in the same shipment and appear very similar. It is necessary to ensure you correctly identify and connect the control plane servers.

To connect the control plane servers:

  1. For the first controller, locate the onboard MLOM module with two 10G ports.
  2. Connect the first port to the 10G port 1 of first Nexus 93180YC-EX switch.
  3. Connect the second port to the 10G port 1 of second Nexus 93180YC-EX switch.
  4. Repeat this for the second and third controllers and connect to ports 2 and 3 on each switch.

When you have completed these steps, see Configuring the BIOS for Controller and Compute Nodes (Step 5) to complete your installation.