Metacloud Pre-deployment Checklist

The ordering guide has all the details on ordering hardware and the subscription for Metacloud services. The following should be ordered:

  • Metacloud Controller Bundle (hardware)
  • Expansion components (9332 switches, etc) needed for larger deployments
  • Compute Servers
  • Metacloud Subscription for Compute service
  • Optional block storage service
  • Cables

Order the Metacloud Components

Metacloud Controller Bundle (hardware)

  • UCS Servers
  • ASR Routers
  • Nexus 9396 Switches
  • Nexus 9332 Switches—Optional for larger deployments
  • Subscription SKU for Supporting Hypervisors
  • Compute Servers
  • (Optional) Managed Ceph for Block Storage
  • Training—Cisco Metacloud Learning Services offers valuable training for new users and administrators. See the Metacloud Foundation Training Datasheet for more information.

Minimum required hardware specifications are available through your Metacloud Sales Team.

Order Compute Nodes

Cisco Bundle SKUs or other hardware. Minimum required hardware specifications are available through your Metacloud Sales Team.

Order Additional Storage Hardware

Additional storage is optional and customer-managed.

Block Storage Options

  • Ceph
  • SolidFire
  • Pure
  • Nimble
  • NFS

Object Storage Options

  • Swiftstack

Order Appropriate Cables and Transceivers

See the Metacloud Controller Bundle Installation Guide for cable requirements.

Order Data Center Resources

  • Space, Power, and Cooling
  • Bandwidth (offnet/Internet)
  • External L1 connections
  • Single or Dual (using HSRP) links supported
  • External network IPv4 CIDR Block(s)
  • (Optional) Second dedicated link for OOB management
  • (Optional) Remote hands service

Meet Security Prerequisites

Security prerequisities are customer-managed.

  • Firewall protection for AZ
  • DDoS Mitigation for AZ (refer to the Metacloud Security Whitepaper).
  • Open/allow Metacloud service port/protocol list
    • Day 0/1 initialization includes the need to allow SSH 22 to the 2901 from Cisco Metacloud NOC 208.90.61.x (refer to the requirements in the Metacloud Installation Guide.)

Complete the Pre-build Questionnaire

Work with your SE to define the architecture and logical build details with attention to Nets, DNS, Certs, and OOB/Day2 FW ports.

This step can take several weeks.

Receive and Install Metacloud Solution Hardware

Install your Metacloud Hardware following the directions in the Metacloud Controller Bundle Installation Guide, which includes the initial configuration of ISR.

  • Follow the wiring plan and complete relevant fields.
  • Set VLAN 1000 and DHCP for shared CIMC on all servers.
  • Ensure placement of async module and Ethernet module so that they are installed in the correct slots in the 2901 router.

Receive and Install Storage Solution Hardware

Verify the block storage or object storage installation based on vendor instructions.

Create a Basic Rack Elevation Diagram

Include a side view and top view in the rack diagram.

Receive Your Build Date from Metacloud

Approximately two weeks after your order has been placed you can check with the Metacloud Service Delivery team for the tentatively scheduled build date.

Customer Hand-off Environment to Metacloud

Once logical access is confirmed, Metacloud platform deployment tasks are initiated on the scheduled build date (10 business days).

The customer MUST have an onsite resource or remote hands for the first 5 business days of this step.

Metacloud Hand-off to Customer

Once the Metacloud Service Delivery team has completed your deployment, your Metacloud environment is handed back to your team ready to use.