Cisco Metacloud February 2016 Update

Posted on March 8, 2016

We are happy to announce the February update of Cisco Metacloud™.

Feature Updates

Greatly Improved Metacloud and SolidFire Integration

The Metacloud team has greatly improved how the Metacloud Compute and SolidFire storage devices work together.  This includes improvements to the Boot from volume workflow, improved instance boot performance and stability fixes.

Support for Spice Console in Horizon

Spice is now the default protocol for Instance consoles in Horizon. This should provide a wider support for Instance OS versions than VNC. Users are free to choose between VNC and Spice consoles in the dashboard when desired.  

Figure: Instance Console

Configurable Prefix for Volumes on SolidFire

When using a single SolidFire installation across multiple Availability Zones there was the potential for Volume naming collisions on the SolidFire device itself. The Metacloud team now supports the ability to configure prefixes for all volumes in a single availability zone to prevent those naming collisions. These naming prefixes are invisible to the end OpenStack user, but are visible on the SolidFire appliance.

Updated OpenRC File Generation

Upstream OpenStack command line clients now default to Cinder v2 and Glance v2 APIs.  The OpenRC file generated from Horizon now contains the proper settings to force the OpenStack command line clients to use the supported Cinder v1 and Glance v1 APIs.

Bug Fixes

  • vCPU Summary graph was incorrect when CPUs were oversubscribed
  • Service catalog advertising HTTP for Keystone when SSL/TLS is enabled
  • Disable SSLv3 for Instance console proxies
  • Instance resize for volume based images now supported

Known Issues

There are no known issues reported for this release.

Supported API Versions

Service API Version
Compute v2
Image v1
CloudFormation v1
Volume v1
EC2 v1
Orchestration v1
Identity v2
Neutron v2

Supported OpenStack Projects and Versions

Project Version
Nova Icehouse
Cinder Icehouse
Keystone Icehouse
Glance Icehouse
Heat Juno
Horizon Icehouse
Neutron Juno

Supported Image Types

Image Storage Location Local Storage NFS-backed Storage Ceph-backed Storage
AMI (AWS) x x x
ISO9660 x x N/A
QCOW2 (KVM, Xen) x x N/A
RAW x x x
VDI (VirtualBox) x x N/A
VHD (Hyper-V) x x N/A
VDMK (VMWare) x x N/A