Cisco Metacloud February 2017 Update

This 4.1.5 release of Cisco Metacloud contains an update that enables a deployment to provide local instance storage to VMs along with block storage and image storage backed by Ceph, an updated link to the Metacloud Documentation site for online help, as well as bug fixes.

Feature Updates

Provide Local Server Storage to VMs while Leveraging Ceph for Image Storage and Volumes

Metacloud now supports environments that have redundant storage through Ceph for images and volumes. Local-to-server storage provides more dependable performance that is less variable because it does not introduce the networking latency that Ceph usually includes.

With the 4.1.5 release, mixing ephemeral disks on each hypervisor with Ceph-based block storage service is now supported. By leveraging Host Aggregates, you can control which VMs appear on servers with SSD-based storage and HDD-based storage. In addition, using boot from volume or attaching volumes allows your VMs to leverage Ceph-based storage. See Creating and Managing Host Aggregates for more information.

Ceph storage must be configured and run on all servers in this configuration.

The Storage panel on the Dashboard now supports having both local and Ceph tabs at the same time.

Figure: Storage Dashboard Ceph

Hardware Requirements

This configuration is only supported on UCS C240 servers running Firmware version 2.0(9f) or higher. The following hardware requirements must be met for this configuration:

  • One 12GB MRAID Controller
  • One 480 GB SSD drive (Ceph journal)
  • Four HDD drives (Ceph OSDs)
  • Two to four SSD/HDD drives (Local Storage)

When running this configuration with all SSD drives, the disks are configured in JBOD mode. Running SSDs in a RAID results in a higher likelihood that all drives will fail at the same time.

When running this configuration with HDD drives, the drives can be configured in JBOD or RAID 0, 1, 5, or 6. Note the following requirements:

  • RAID 5 requires 3 drives
  • RAID 6 required 4 drives

Metacloud Help on the Dashboard

The Metacloud Documentation site provides valuable content for Metacloud administrators and users. You can now access the documentation site from the Metacloud Dashboard by clicking Cisco Metacloud Help.

Figure: Metacloud Help

Syslog Feed Support

You can now send OpenStack notifications using an rsyslog feed to your syslog server to monitor and report events in your environment. To set up a Syslog feed, open a request with Metacloud Support and provide your syslog server. The Metacloud Support team will configure the feed.

Refer to Viewing OpenStack Notifications for more information.

Bug Fixes

The Network ID hyperlink on the Port Details page now correctly points to the Admin/Networks page.

Known Issues

There are no known issues reported in this release.

Supported API Versions

Service API Version
Compute v2.1
Image v2
CloudFormation v1
Volume v2
Orchestration v1
Identity v3
Networking v2
Block Storage v1

Supported OpenStack Projects and Versions

Project Version
Nova Liberty
Cinder Liberty
Keystone Liberty
Glance Liberty
Heat Liberty
Horizon Liberty
Neutron Liberty

Supported Image Types

Image Storage Location Local Storage NFS-backed Storage Ceph-backed Storage
AMI (AWS) x x x
ISO9660 x x x
QCOW2 (KVM, Xen) x x N/A
RAW x x x
VDI (VirtualBox) x x N/A
VHD (Hyper-V) x x N/A
VDMK (VMWare) x x N/A