Metacloud 4.1.3 Release Notes

October 2016

We are happy to announce the 4.1.3 release of Cisco Metacloud™.

Feature Updates

Creating an IPv6 Subnet

You can now create an IPv6 subnet in Metacloud on the Networks tab. IPv6 can use DHCP to assign IP addresses to any client using Stateless address autoconfiguration (SLAAC).

IPv6 support is only available for Provider networks. Neutron Networking does not support IPv6.

To create an IPv6 subnet:

  1. Log in to the Metacloud Dashboard.
  2. Select Admin, Network.
  3. Select Networks.
  4. Click Create Network.

    Create Subnet

  5. Select the Subnet tab.
  6. Select IPv6 from the IP Version drop-down menu.

    Note You must create IPv4 subnets before creating IPv6 subnets to ensure you can boot your instances. You can check your instance logs for errors. If you receive a message that reads, “cloud-init-nonet[143.37]: gave up waiting for a network device,” delete the IPv6 subnet, create an IPv4 subnet, and then re-create the IPv6 subnet. The symptom of this problem can be detected by looking at instance logs.

  7. Select the Subnet Details tab.

    Subnet Details

  8. Select SLAAC from the IPv6 Address Mode drop-down menu.
  9. Select Not Specified from the IPv6 RA Mode drop-down menu.
  10. Check Enable DHCP.
  11. Click Create.
  12. Verify the new network displays on the Networks tab.

Volume Quotas on the Launch Instance Panel

Volume Quotas are now included in Launch Instance Panel. When you are using boot from image or create volume you can now determine before booting an instance if your volume quota is sufficient.

To view Volume Quotas:

  1. Log in to the Metacloud Dashboard
  2. Select Project, Instances.
  3. Click Launch Instance.
  4. View the charts for Number of Volumes and Total Volume Storage.

    Launch Instance

Updated Log in Page

Custom Identity Domains now display in the Domain field on the Metacloud login page.

Bug Fixes

  • You can now migrate an instance regardless of deleted users.
  • Administrators can now create networks when both Shared and External network checkboxes are selected.
  • The Create Subnet tab is now visible from the Network Details page for Member users in a shared Network.
  • The Create Subnet, Delete Subnet, and Delete Network options are now correctly disabled for shared/external networks.
  • The Terminate Instance, Delete Network, Delete Subnet, Delete Router buttons now function correctly and do not cause the page to freeze.
  • You can now correctly use the Network ID link on the Subnet Details or the Router tab to navigate to the Network Details tab.
  • The Project ID now correctly displays on the Port Details page.
  • Charts now correctly display the user’s local timezone.
  • The Action Log link is no longer available for non-Administatrator users.
  • Volume snapshots are now correctly disabled for NFS configurations.

Known Issues

Instances booted with network interfaces using an IPv6 subnet may not get network connectivity, as shown by console logs with a message reading, “cloud-init-nonet[143.37]: gave up waiting for a network device.” To workaround this issue, create IPv4 subnets before creating IPv6 subnets, and if you have a faulty IPv6 subnet already created, delete it, create an IPv4 subnet, then create a new IPv6 subnet.

Supported API Versions

Service API Version
Compute v2.1
Image v2
CloudFormation v1
Volume v2
Orchestration v1
Identity v3
Networking v2

Supported OpenStack Projects and Versions

Project Version
Nova Liberty
Cinder Liberty
Keystone Liberty
Glance Liberty
Heat Liberty
Horizon Liberty
Neutron Liberty

Supported Image Types

Image Storage Location Local Storage NFS-backed Storage Ceph-backed Storage
AMI (AWS) x x x
ISO9660 x x N/A
QCOW2 (KVM, Xen) x x N/A
RAW x x x
VDI (VirtualBox) x x N/A
VHD (Hyper-V) x x N/A
VDMK (VMWare) x x N/A