Metacloud 4.1 Release Notes

September 2016

We are happy to announce the 4.1 (Fusion) release of Cisco Metacloud™.

Feature Updates

Host Network Diagnostics Using the Dashboard

Administrators can now perform host-level network diagnostics using the Metacloud Dashboard to check the connectivity of a host and troubleshoot routing issues. The Livestats page provides the ability to run traceroute <ip address/hostname>, ping <ip address/hostname>, or mtr <ip address/hostname> on every physical host to see the path traffic and verify communication.

To run network diagnostics using the Dashboard:

  1. Log in to the Dashboard and select the admin project from the drop-down list.
  2. On the Admin tab, open the Controllers or Hypervisors page and click View Live Stats.
  3. Select the Network tab and click Diagnose Network Connectivity.
  4. Select ping, traceroute, or mtr from the drop-down menu on the Network Diagnostics page.
  5. Enter a valid IP address or Hostname and click Run.

The results display in the Output field.

Network Diagnostics - traceroute

Network Diagnostics - ping

Network Diagnostics - mtr

Create, Edit, and Delete Functions for Project Members

This new feature enables project members (non-administrator users) to perform additional tasks using the Dashboard.
Project members now have the ability to edit, create, and delete Networks, Routers, and Subnets using the Networks panel.

Create Network

Create Router

Create Subnet

Support for Pure Storage Cinder Driver

Customers can now leverage existing Pure Storage devices to provide block storage (Cinder Volumes) to instances in their cloud. Pure Storage can be leveraged with Ceph to provide a tiered storage solution and further optimize storage performance within your cloud. Instances that need high IOPS can attach all flash storage provided by Pure, while instances that need lower, more distributed storage can utilize Ceph. Pure can also be used in isolation, or with NFS.

In order to leverage Pure storage, hypervisors must be able to route to the storage device and the customer must provide the IP address of the storage device along with the Pure API token.

Bug Fixes

  • You can now toggle network labels on the Network Topology page.
  • Non-adminstrator users can no longer see the Admin tab when they log in to the Dashboard.
  • When a user creates a network, fixed IP addresses now correctly display on the Port Details page.
  • Users can create networks without a subnet address by clearing the Create Subnet checkbox on the Network tab.
  • The View Live Stats button now correctly displays live statistics on the Hypervisors page.
  • The Project name now correctly displays across all pages in the Dashboard.
  • The Actions button now correctly functions from the Networks panel.
  • Administrators can now correctly navigate to the Subnet Details page from the Admin tab, rather than navigating to the Project Subnet Details page.
  • Administrators can now correctly navigate to the Network Details page using the Port ID link on the Port Details page to view the Admin Network Details page.
  • Typos and grammatical errors have been corrected in error messages.
  • Formatting errors have been correted to improve readability on the Dashboards.
  • Sending a POST request to a Heat stack now correctly registers.
  • When running flavor-show nova, a deleted flavor will no longer display a 500 error.
  • CPU pinning is not currently supported. Glance Metadata Service definitions have been updated to remove CPU pinning.

Known Issues

There are no known issues reported for this release.

Supported API Versions

Service API Version
Compute v2.1
Image v2
CloudFormation v1
Volume v2
Orchestration v1
Identity v3
Networking v2

Supported OpenStack Projects and Versions

Project Version
Nova Liberty
Cinder Liberty
Keystone Liberty
Glance Liberty
Heat Liberty
Horizon Liberty
Neutron Liberty

Supported Image Types

Image Storage Location Local Storage NFS-backed Storage Ceph-backed Storage
AMI (AWS) x x x
ISO9660 x x N/A
QCOW2 (KVM, Xen) x x N/A
RAW x x x
VDI (VirtualBox) x x N/A
VHD (Hyper-V) x x N/A
VDMK (VMWare) x x N/A