Metacloud by Cisco

Get the public cloud experience in a private cloud environment. Let’s get started.

FocusThe results have been the ability to focus our efforts where our customers need us to be focused… now I can turn on a dime.” - Derek Masseth, Deputy CIO/CTO at University of Arizona.

What do you want to do with Metacloud?

Viewing Usage Data and Hypervisor Stats with Livestats

Only the Metacloud Dashboard offers traceroute, ping, and mtr commands in an Admin view.

You can also view cloud usage statistics when using the Dashboard as a cloud admin.

Controllers Overview

Managing Projects and Users

You can use either the Dashboard or openstack CLI tool to add users. Refer to Managing users and roles in the Dashboard and Managing projects, users, and roles with the CLI for detailed information.

Control costsWe experienced a $600,000 annual savings from hosting fees, also as we were growing, we didn’t have to add any OpenStack or devops engineers.” - Carl Trudel, Chief Technology Officer, Instantly, Inc.

You can also send your end-users a link to so they can learn more about Metacloud.

Planning Ahead

Now that your cloud is up and running, your team receives an emailed weekly capacity report from Here is how you read it and plan for adding capacity.

Getting Support

In case you get stuck, we are here to help. Here’s how.

Offer agilityMetacloud enables agile development, analytics, and a cloud-native application portfolio.” - Steve Hanney, Chief Cloud Officer at Presidio.