Metacloud by Cisco

Get the public cloud experience in a private cloud environment. Let’s get started.

What do you want to do with Metacloud?

Here’s how you log in to Metacloud: Access the Dashboard.

Go to Project > Access & Security to see your API endpoints and download a file to help you set up environment variables to use a CLI.

Launching an Instance

Read all about how to launch an instance or watch online. How your cloud is configured for networking and storage may affect your launch sequence, so learn more as you go.

Enabling Fast Provisioning of an Application

We have a learning lab to run an Ansible playbook when starting cloud instance. This learning lab shows how to deploy a cloud instance that has Ruby, Jekyll, and NGinx so that you can push a Jekyll site to deploy to a Cisco Metacloud instance from a git push command. Here’s a demo of it running the web server.