Metacloud 4.2 Release Notes

December 2016 This release includes a new underlying package management system that allows Metacloud development and operations teams to check daily for any upstream Red Hat changes and deploy as necessary. This work is in preparation for smooth migrations release-to-release. ## Creating an IPv6 Subnet You can now create an IPv6 subnet in Metacloud on the *Networks* tab. IPv6 can use DHCP to assign IP addresses to any client using Stateless address autoconfiguration (SLAAC). > ***Important*** > IPv6 support is only available for Provider networks. Neutron Networking does not support IPv6. To create an IPv6 subnet: 1. Log in to the Metacloud Dashboard. 1. Select *Admin*, *Network*. 1. Select *Networks*. 1. Click **Create Network**. ![Create Subnet](/images/releasenotes/create-subnet-not-specified.png) 1. Select the *Subnet* tab. 1. Select **IPv6** from the IP Version drop-down menu. > ***Note*** > You must create IPv4 subnets before creating IPv6 subnets to ensure you can boot your instances. You can check your instance logs for errors. If you receive a message that reads, "cloud-init-nonet[143.37]: gave up waiting for a network device," delete the IPv6 subnet, create an IPv4 subnet, and then re-create the IPv6 subnet. The symptom of this problem can be detected by looking at instance logs. 1. Select the *Subnet Details* tab. ![Subnet Details](/images/releasenotes/create-network-subnet-details-slaac.png) 1. Select **SLAAC** from the IPv6 Address Mode drop-down menu. 1. Select **Not Specified** from the IPv6 RA Mode drop-down menu. 1. Check **Enable DHCP**. 1. Click **Create**. 1. Verify the new network displays on the *Networks* tab. ## Volume Quotas on the Launch Instance Panel Volume Quotas are now included in *Launch Instance* Panel. When you are using `boot from image` or `create volume` you can now determine before booting an instance if your volume quota is sufficient. To view Volume Quotas: 1. Log in to the Metacloud Dashboard 2. Select *Project*, *Instances*. 3. Click **Launch Instance**. 4. View the charts for *Number of Volumes* and *Total Volume Storage*. ![Launch Instance](/images/releasenotes/launch-instance-details.png) ## Updated Log in Page Custom Identity Domains now display in the **Domain** field on the Metacloud login page. ## Bug Fixes The following issues have been addressed in this release: * The Ceph dashboard now correctly displays. * VM network statistics and charts are now correctly reported on the Metacloud Dashboard. * LDAP User ID fields are no longer truncated. * When creating Instances, users are no longer directed to the *Access & Security* panel, the Instances panel remains visible. * IPv6 subnet creation requires a provider network which can only be created by admin users, the IPv6 option on the *Create Networks* panel is no longer available for non-admin users. * Metacloud removes trailing spaces in Instance names entered in the Dashboard so that the instance launches. * Admin users can now correctly create networks from the *Networks* panel. * Rules for iptables for the have been updated for Orchestration (heat) to correctly include port 8000. * Sending a POST request to a heat stack now correctly registers on the *Events* tab. ## Supported API Versions | Service | API Version | |----------------|-------------| | Compute | v2.1 | | Image | v2 | | CloudFormation | v1 | | Volume | v2 | | Orchestration | v1 | | Identity | v3 | | Networking | v2 | ## Supported OpenStack Projects and Versions | Project | Version | |----------|---------| | Nova | Liberty | | Cinder | Liberty | | Keystone | Liberty | | Glance | Liberty | | Heat | Liberty | | Horizon | Liberty | | Neutron | Liberty | ## Supported Image Types | Image Storage Location | Local Storage | NFS-backed Storage | Ceph-backed Storage | |------------------------|---------------|--------------------|---------------------| | AMI (AWS) | x | x | x | | ISO9660 | x | x | N/A | | QCOW2 (KVM, Xen) | x | x | N/A | | RAW | x | x | x | | VDI (VirtualBox) | x | x | N/A | | VHD (Hyper-V) | x | x | N/A | | VDMK (VMWare) | x | x | N/A |